As spring arrives with warmer weather, you're likely planning all sorts of fun activities with friends and family. You'll also want to check over your vehicle and perform spring services to ensure you have many successful adventures this spring. Lucky for you, BMW of Ramsey has a team of expert technicians that can help get your car ready for the season change. Here are some spring service pointers to consider:

Swap Your Tires

Did you have winter tires on your BMW car or SUV? If so, our technicians can help swap those out for summer or all-weather tires. By changing to a set of tires meant for dry, warm roads, you'll increase your fuel efficiency and ensure you have traction when inclement weather decides to visit. And if you need to purchase a new set from our BWM Tire Center, we can help you pick out the right ones and have them installed at our BMW Service Center.

Check Wiper Blades

With spring often comes rain showers. So, to ensure you have clear visibility when driving in the rain, make sure you have proper windshield wiper blades. Your current blades could have undergone wear and tear over the winter, and it may be time to get a new pair of blades. If you need help determining their condition or want help installing them, our BMW Service Center can help you with that too.

Assess Your Air Conditioner

Another vital component to look over is the air conditioner in your BMW car or SUV. With warmer weather approaching, you don't want to be caught without a properly working air conditioner on a hot spring day. This service is yet another you can have taken care of by scheduling a service appointment with our BMW Service Center.

If you want even more pointers on getting your BMW vehicle ready for spring or want to schedule an appointment with our technicians, don't hesitate to contact our team or visit BMW of Ramsey today.

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