New BMW Electric Vehicles & Hybrids For Sale in Ramsey, NJ

Exploring Hybrid and EV Options from BMW

Any new BMW is going to change the way you drive for the better. However, choosing one of this beloved manufacturer's new hybrid or electric models will further that quality. Here is just the start of what a hybrid or electric BMW can do.

What is a Hybrid

A hybrid combines the power of a combustion engine with an impressive battery to give you the best of both worlds. BMW makes a range of hybrid models, including stunning sedans and functional SUVs so that every shopper can find the right match. These options are mostly plug-in hybrids, meaning you will need to charge the battery with an easy-to-use external system.

The Perks of a Hybrid

The innovative design of these hybrid BMW models will bring a ton of benefits to your purchase. Not only is the powertrain more modern, but the technology found throughout the car or SUV mirrors that quality. This allows you to feel like you are driving a BMW from the future.

However, the main benefit of a new hybrid BMW is its efficiency. Thanks to the combination of gas and electric power, you are going to save a fair amount at the pump. The fuel economy these cars and SUVs bring to the table will impress any modern shopper throughout the area.

Hybrid BMW Models

Up first, we have sedans like the new BMW 530e. The new BMW 530e is sure to look and perform amazingly throughout every daily commute. The exterior features an athletic design, and the interior is covered with premium materials. This plug-in hybrid even offers an all-electric driving range of up to 21 miles.

Customers can also find the new BMW X5 xDrive45e in our efficient lineup. This is an SUV that will add as much performance as it does functionality to your purchase. In fact, you can utilize up to 389 horsepower when driving this hybrid BMW. Every commute will be far more exciting with a BMW X5 xDrive45e.

What is an EV

Unlike a hybrid, an electric vehicle will completely replace the combustion engine with a battery and a series of motors. This means every drive emits little to no carbon emissions, making this a cleaner way to commute. The electric models from BMW are sure to impress with their impressive ranges and functional charging features. Choosing an electric BMW is sure to change the way you drive for the better.

The Perks of an EV

Any EV from BMW is going to give you a cleaner and more efficient drive. This, however, is not the end of the benefits offered by an electric BMW. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts. That means you will spend less time and money on service visits.

There are also some advantageous incentives available throughout our new electric lineup. Buying a new EV from BMW can qualify you for federal deals and tax breaks, making this an even smarter financial choice. You, and your budget, will never regret an electric BMW.

Electric BMW Models

The new BMW i4 is going to impress any modern shopper. This is an all-electric sedan offering an aggressive exterior design with a lowered stance and angled features. The interior of the new BMW i4 mirrors the advanced powertrain, offering a ton of excellent technologies.

Then, we have the new BMW iX. Families throughout the area love this electric SUV because it brings more functionality to their purchases. The interior is covered in comfortable materials, and there is plenty of room in the cargo space for any daily need.

Find Your New Hybrid or Electric BMW in Ramsey, NJ

Whether you are looking for a hybrid or electric BMW, we are the dealership to choose. Visit soon and take a new BMW for a test drive to feel the quality for yourself. We look forward to working with you soon.