We recommend that you change your motor oil every 3,000 miles or six months. However, you may find that you can travel closer to 6,000 miles with synthetic oil before needing an oil change. You can find the best oil change interval for your BMW by checking your owner's manual and consulting our BMW-certified technicians.

At BMW of Ramsey, we help you keep your BMW in exceptional condition by offering the information and service that you need. Learn more about the importance of oil changes and how we can help.

Why Should I Change My Oil?

Motor oil is crucial for keeping your engine cool and reducing friction. Even if you don't know the intricacies of an engine, it's not hard to imagine that a lot of heat can be produced from metal components moving against each other. Motor oil lubricates engine components to manage heat and friction. However, engine particles and debris enter the oil over time and reduce the oil's effectiveness.

Dirty motor oil can cause excess heat and friction when your oil is too old or has too many particles. Regular oil changes increase the longevity of your BMW's engine and ensure a smooth driving experience. Changing your oil often is less expensive than paying for repairs and damage caused by putting off service.

When Should I Change My Oil Filter?

Many manufacturers recommend changing your oil filter every time you change your oil, so every 3,000 miles or so. Since your BMW's oil filter is directly related to your motor oil's cleanliness, it's important to change it regularly to catch as many particles as possible. Our BMW service team can check the condition of your oil filter and replace it with a filter that matches your model perfectly.

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