Buying Vs. Leasing

Leasing vs Buying: The Team at BMW of Ramsey Helps You Decide Which Option is Best for You

Are you currently in the middle of the buying vs leasing debate?  Do you have your eye on a new BMW car or SAV, but have no idea whether you should lease it or buy it?  You are not alone.  Many of the auto financing questions we receive from customers at our dealership are regarding the pros and cons of leasing and buying.  With so much misinformation being spread, the finance center at BMW of Ramsey, located at 985 Sate Route 17 in Ramsey, NJ, is here to compile the differences between the two choices, as well as some of the advantages.

Leasing Your New BMW

When you decide to lease your new BMW car or SAV, you are essentially agreeing to finance the vehicle for a  short period of time and for a predetermined mileage amount.  This has the advantage of translating into a very low monthly payment when compared to buying the same vehicle.  Those who lease tend to be low-mileage drivers.  They also tend to be the type of people who want a new car every few years or so.  Leasing does give drivers the chance to get behind the wheel of a new BMW vehicle every few years, with all the latest upgrades and technology.  Some lessees also enjoy the fact that they have protection under the manufacturer's warranty for the entire time the vehicle is in their possession.

Buying Your New BMW

For folks who drive a lot, or have an unpredictable driving schedule, a purchase might be the best auto financing option.  This allows them to not have to worry about mileage restrictions.  Those who like the idea of customizing or personalizing their vehicle may also find that a traditional auto loan is the best choice.  Drivers who buy their new BMW or SAV tend to be people who like to hold onto a vehicle for a little bit.  One advantage of this type of thinking is that, once your car loan is paid in full, you can use the vehicle as equity toward a new one.  When you get an auto loan, you are also under no end-of-lease type wear-and-tear obligations.

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Do you have more questions?  We understand the decision can be a tough one.  Contact the finance center at BMW of Ramsey, in Ramsey, NJ, or complete the credit application online, and learn all about what specific options are available to you.