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Brake Repair Service for Your BMW in Ramsey, NJ

At BMW of Ramsey, our service center is here to assist you with all types of brake repair. This of course is a service we are here to offer you, and encourage you to utilize with regularity or at the first sign of any issue with your brakes. You can schedule service online or give us a call at the dealership and we'll have you in for brake service and repairs.

What Are the Brake Repairs I Need and Why?

There are multiple brake services you will nee throughout the course of vehicle ownership, BMW or otherwise. This includes the most common brake which are replacing your brake pads. This is generally needed at the earliest every 30,000 miles, and potentially up to 50,000 or 60,000 miles depending on driving habits. Brake pads are what makes contact with the rotors and cause friction so your vehicle slows down and stops. You might also need to replace your rotors, generally every 70,000 miles, or what your owner's manual of your BMW says. The rotor wis there to help stop the movement of your vehicle in conjunction with the brake pads. Additional brake services include brake fluid checks and top offs, as well as making sure your brake pedal is functioning too.

The signs that you need brake repair are decreased stopping power, a squealing or squeaking noise when driving or braking, or you notice the pads and rotors are worn from the outside of the vehicle.

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To schedule brake service, get in touch with us here at BMW of Ramsey. We'd be happy to help you and perform the services you need to keep your vehicle running.

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