2017 BMW i8 vs Tesla S
2017 BMW i8 2017 Tesla S
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  All wheel drive Rear wheel drive
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2017 BMW i8 vs Tesla S

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When deciding to buy a car, it is important that we know what makes a vehicle useful. This can help the buyer determine if the vehicle will meet the needs that their commute requires. Many people have started to get interested in the electric car industry. There are several new manufacturers in the field, and older manufacturers are trying to compete. A good example of the competition is the BMW i8 and the Tesla S.

The BMW i8 is manufactured in Leipzig, Germany, where the plant is highly automated with robot arms busily putting together this impressive sports car. The Tesla Model S is , where Similar to the BMW i8 plant in Leipzig, the Tesla factory is very advanced with its imipressive robots.

Top Speed of BMW i8 vs. Tesla S

The BMW i8 has a software limited top speed of 155 mph. This software allows the BMW i8 to be useful on the race track or a desert salt flat. The Tesla S also has a software that limits the top speed, which maxes out at only 130 mph. This makes the BMW i8 have a slightly faster maximum speed than the Tesla S.

Range of BMW i8 vs. Tesla S

The BMW i8 has gas mileage of 94 mpg, which is equivalent to a range of 310 miles. This means that you can use the BMW i8 on your freeway commute to work for several days without refueling. The BMW i8 has a hybrid power plant that combines a small internal combustion engine with an electric motor for the front wheels. The Tesla S is an all-electric vehicle that gives up to 270 mpg depending on the vehicle model and trim that you pick.

2017 BMW i8 exterior

Personal Test drive in Ramsey, NJ

We would love to have you stop by and try out the BMW i8 with a personal test drive to experience its luxurious features. Although it is less well known than the Tesla S, the BMW i8 offers a hybrid power plant that gives it greater range and a faster top speed. If you are a high-income couple looking for a very cool car than the BMW i8 is a great pick for you. Our dealership staff in Ramsey, NJ can answer questions that you might have about performance and pricing of our vehicles.